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Habersham's Portfolio of Technologies

Habersham’s industry-leading knowledge of life insurance-linked assets is complemented by its investment and development of best-of-class analytics and processing systems represented by: Habersham Analytics, a proprietary policy valuation and portfolio modeling system; Habersham Case Management, a 43-step underwriting workflow management system; and Habersham Asset Management, a web-based policy tracking, servicing, and portfolio management system. Habersham leverages technology to enhance its asset sourcing, underwriting, valuation, and management services.

Habersham Analytics

Habersham Analytics is a tri-modal, actuarial-based system comprised of Habersham Policy Analytics, a secondary and tertiary market life settlement valuation tool; Habersham Portfolio Analytics, a financial modeling tool used to assemble portfolios of settled policies based on optimized policy and portfolio characteristics and constraints; and Habersham Fund Metrics, a financial modeling tool used to develop and assess the performance of aggregated life settlement portfolios placed in an investment fund structure.

Habersham Policy Analytics is a statistics-based financial model used by Habersham Funding and Habersham Capital Management to calculate an optimized premium schedule that is then used to determine an internal rate of return and related purchase/ sale amount for the purchase and/or sale of a settled policy. Four distinct statistical methods (deterministic, probabilistic, stochastic, and probabilistically weighted) are used to provide a dollar valuation, an expected internal rate of return, and/or confidence intervals related to either. The logic of Habersham Policy Analytics is held in a cloud based IT infrastructure allowing for secure and encrypted web based access. Habersham Policy Analytics has been formally assessed and confirmed by one of the industry’s leading third-party actuarial firms.

Habersham Portfolio Analytics is a statistics-based financial model used by Habersham Capital Management to assemble and manage optimized portfolios of life settlements. Habersham Portfolio Analytics accesses life settlement valuations, optimized premium schedules, insured party information, and policy characteristic data from Habersham Policy Analytics to construct simulated portfolios for research and testing and to assemble and manage portfolios. The system’s rules-based portfolio constraints allow market-leading risk analytics and management through virtually unlimited “what-if” portfolio construction and policy maturity scenarios. Portfolio characteristics and projected performance are then exhibited in multiple chart forms based on the rules-based portfolio constraints.

Habersham Fund Metrics is a cash flow based financial model used by Habersham Capital Management that records and/or simulates the performance of fund investments. Fund managers and investors can observe the cash flows and account characteristics of both actual and simulated fund investments at any point in the fund’s lifecycle. The ability to view historical and projected cash flow performance provides unique insight into the risks and probable outcomes of a life settlement investment vehicle. The use of Habersham Fund Metrics enhances portfolio aggregation efforts, fund structuring and design decisions, and cash flow management when engineering and managing life settlement investment structures.

The use of Habersham Analytics to complement comprehensive insured underwriting and mortality projections allows a 360 degree view a policy and aids life settlement investors in highlighting both the positive and negative aspects of a specific policy and the effects that a particular policy can have when placed in an investment portfolio.

Habersham Case Management

Habersham Case Management is Habersham Funding’s proprietary, 43-step, queue-based workflow management system that allows continuous workflow among multiple process participants in all steps and aspects of policy underwriting, purchase/sale negotiations, and closing.

The paperless system allows for quick access to documents and efficient communication across users involved in the underwriting of life settlement assets. Habersham Funding’s practices that simultaneously utilize Habersham Case Management include Client Data Analysts, Medical Extraction & Forensics; Policy and Valuation Analysts; Legal; Broker/Investor Case Managers; and Policy Underwriting/Closing. Integrated within the system is a 350 + point policy closing checklist that is used for anti-fraud procedures and confirmation of regulatory compliance. Habersham Case Management is a complete tool for delivering the highest quality due diligence and life settlement asset underwriting.

Habersham Asset Management

Habersham Asset Management System is a proprietary, web-based asset management system that has been custom designed and developed for managing settled policies. Through the use of 128-bit SSL encryption and role/permission based entry during all transactions, users are assured of secure and confidential access only to assigned and permitted system interfaces.

When utilizing the system, authorized users have full view and transparency of policy and portfolio documentation related to policy origination; pre-purchase due diligence and underwriting; closing documentation to include cash custodian, escrow agent and securities intermediary receipts of transfers and holdings; ledgers of premium payments and policy account activities; journals for insured-party tracking activities; death claims administration; policy and portfolio based valuations and cash flow projections; and account financial statements. Habersham Asset Management allows our professionals to confidently acquire and service portfolios of life settlements from the point of purchase through the maturity of the asset.