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Founded in 2001 by life insurance veteran and financial services entrepreneur M. Bryan Freeman, Habersham Funding, LLC is one of the most experienced and respected firms in the alternative asset class of insurance-linked investments commonly referred to as "life settlements".

What you can expect from
Habersham Funding

Unique Industry Experience

As a pioneer and founding principal of the life settlement industry, Habersham Funding, LLC and its predecessor companies have been engaged in the insurance-linked industry of life settlements for over 23 years. The Habersham Team of professionals have collective experience of over 150 years in life insurance products and over 100 years in life settlements.

Forensic Quality Due Diligence

GavelIn order to maximize value and liquidity for one of the most important assets owned by U.S. citizens, the underwriting process for life settlement transactions must be thorough, discrete and efficient in order to assure the highest level of investor confidence in their investment while protecting confidential personal and heath information of the insured. Utilizing Habersham Case Management, a technology-based underwriting, documentation and closing system, the Habersham Team of legal and medical underwriting professionals are some of the industry’s best and most experienced in these processes.

Emphasis On Regulatory Compliance

Habersham’s founder, M. Bryan Freeman, has been an advocate for fair and balanced regulation of the life settlement industry, lobbying for and helping to craft model legislation throughout the U.S. The Habersham Team of legal professionals assure the firm’s full and complete compliance with state-based regulations that allows Habersham to practice in 47 states and 4 U.S. territories.

Leading Fraud Prevention Processes

Fraud prevention ranks as a top priority for Habersham and the Habersham Team represents our industry’s largest known staff of professionals who hold the Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) accreditation awarded by the internationally recognized Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

Best-Of-Class Asset Servicing

While a fair, risk-adjusted price paid by investors is an important part of an investment decision in a life settlement, proper management of post-closing premium payments and insured party monitoring are key determinants in allowing investors to realize their expected returns. Utilizing Habersham Asset Management, a technology-based asset servicing platform, the servicing professionals on the Habersham Team are seasoned in their technical policy servicing skills and their caring approach to insured party relationships.

Social Responsibility

Weighing ScaleWorking with the senior-aged and terminally-ill in times of need can be a trying, but fulfilling experience. The need for patience, compassion, empathy, sound communication, and attention to detail mirrors that of other caregivers. Habersham Team of professionals include caregivers that establish and foster relationships with our insured parties and their families from the time of policy sale throughout post-close servicing of each life settlement transaction.

Our Role With You

If you are a trusted advisor of a prospective seller of an unwanted life insurance policy and are seeking guidance regarding the proper and regulatorily compliant manner to monetize the policy, contact one of our seasoned professionals at Habersham Funding for a confidential consultation.

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