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Habersham Capital Management

Habersham Capital Management, LLC is a State of Georgia Registered Investment Advisor engaged in financial consulting and asset management services for alternative asset class investments including insurance-linked securities.

What you can expect from
Habersham Capital Management

Specialized Knowledge Of The Asset Class

Life insurance products are complicated and require uniquely specialized knowledge. Assuring the highest quality in structured investments that are based on these unique underlying assets requires a combination of detailed life insurance knowledge and experience coupled with capital markets expertise. Our clients benefit from the combined experience of the Habersham Team of professionals that, collectively, includes over 150 years in life insurance products, over 100 years in the insurance-linked industry of life settlements, and over 60 years in other investment products and structured finance.

Focus On Investor Suitability

Alternative asset class investing can be highly specialized and suited only for a limited universe of sophisticated investors. The insurance-linked investment class of life settlements is suitable only for qualified investors with the ability to analyze and understand the underlying mortality-based risks and bear illiquidity in the early term of their investment. One of the highest priorities of the financial professionals of Habersham Capital Management is to have detailed knowledge of our clients’ investment capacity and objectives in order to best match our available investment opportunities.

Emphasis On Due Diligence

Intrinsic value in structured investments may be maximized based on the quality of initial due diligence, underwriting, structuring, and documentation. Creating homogeneous portfolios with like-kind investment standards can contribute to long-term value. These characteristics in the alternative asset class of life settlements are particularly true. As an affiliate of Habersham Funding, one of the most experienced firms in life settlements, we benefit from access to specialized legal and medical due diligence.

Transparency For Our Investors

In this era of scandalous investment-manager abuses, we are particularly sensitive to providing discrete transparency for our investors, while fully complying with related regulatory restrictions of our managed asset classes. Through our security-protected investor web-portal, our investors may access Habersham Asset Management to monitor capital account and related investment fund balances, transaction activity, and detailed financial reports.

Aligned Interest With Our Clients

As a manager of alternative asset class investments, we believe that our clients are best served when a asset manager’s performance incentives are based on cash-flow events rather than periodic, model-derived asset valuations; and in all cases, after a risk-adjusted cash return is earned and paid to our investors. While somewhat contrary to hedge fund and private equity market conventions, we believe that this approach best serves clients investing in alternative asset class investments with more limited actual-to-expected performance statistics, such as life settlements.

Proprietary Valuation And Portfolio Management Tools

We utilize proprietary valuation and portfolio management models as a complement to commercially available actuarial tools. These proprietary models known as Habersham Analytics were developed after years of utilizing third-party valuation products and observing certain unique asset class characteristics and issues that only an experienced life settlements team would discover.

World Class Service Providers

We utilize a discrete network of preferred service providers that includes globally recognized legal and tax advisors, cash custodians, securities intermediaries, escrow agents, fund administrators, accountants, and valuation actuaries. As an affiliate of Habersham Funding, LLC, we benefit from the highest quality of asset origination, underwriting, and post-investment servicing for our insurance-linked investment portfolios.

Our Role With You

For capital managers seeking to invest in life insurance-linked assets, we may be engaged in the turn-key structuring and management of a tailored, de novo investment fund or a proprietary managed account for you. If you have an existing life insurance-linked investment vehicle/fund structure, Habersham Capital Management may be engaged to assist you in a menu of services to include valuation and portfolio management services, as appropriate.

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