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Habersham is a vertically-integrated group of regulated specialty financial service providers. Habersham Funding, LLC is engaged in the sourcing, underwriting, purchase, sale and servicing of secondary-market life insurance policies commonly referred to as “life settlements”. Habersham Capital Management, LLC is a State of Georgia Registered Investment Advisor that provides financial consulting and asset management services for alternative asset class investments including life insurance-linked securities.

The Habersham History

Habersham’s legacy platform is Habersham Funding, LLC, that was founded in 2001 by life insurance executive and financial service entrepreneur M. Bryan Freeman. Bryan has invested over 34 years in life insurance related businesses and over 22 years pioneering the development of the insurance-linked investment industry of life settlements and related predecessor companies. As an insurance executive in the mid 1980s, Bryan was drawn to the social responsibility of developing the life settlements industry after observing the financial plight of the terminally-ill in the U.S. that required funding for healthcare and hospice services. In many cases, their personal assets had been depleted to a life insurance policy that was then consider illiquid until their death. Life settlements offered a solution. Today’s economic challenges present heightened value protection and liquidity issues for both our terminally-ill and our aging-seniors.

With the global implosion and melt-down of world-wide capital markets in 2008-2009, Bryan recognized the importance of developing a proprietary infrastructure to better assure funding for the Habersham Mission. In 2010, he embarked on the development of Habersham Capital Management, LLC to facilitate regulatorily compliant capital raising and asset management practices for life settlements underwritten by Habersham Funding. Today, Habersham's fully integrated platform is one of the most advanced in the industry.

The Habersham Team

In developing the Habersham family of affiliates, we have assembled a group of professionals that make up the Habersham Team with collective experience of over 150 years in life insurance products, over 100 years in the insurance-linked industry of life settlements, and over 60 years experience in other investment products and structured finance.

The Habersham Mission

Our mission is to provide a best financial solution for U.S. consumers to monetize the personal asset of a life insurance policy when they require liquidity, can no longer afford policy premiums, or no longer desire the insurance provided by the policy. We will strive to maximize the value of the policy to the owner while providing a fair, risk-adjusted return to our investors.

The Habersham Code Of Ethics

We recognize that many of our clients may be senior-aged and/or terminally ill, therefore, we will take particular care when working directly with them and/or their trusted advisor to assure their understanding of financials options that may include a life settlement transaction. We will operate in an environment of the strictest regulatory compliance and will expect the highest, unquestionable integrity of our Habersham Team of professionals.

Working with Habersham

Policy Owners Seeking Liquidity. If you are a trusted advisor of an owner of an unwanted or unaffordable life insurance policy and wish to learn more about the options available to maximize the value and liquidity of this personal asset, we invite you to contact Habersham Funding for a confidential consultation. Contact Us

Investors Seeking Asset Class Education. If you are an investment professional interested in learning more about the alternative asset class of insurance-linked life settlements, we invite you to visit our Education Center. Start Learning Now In Our Education Center

New Investors Seeking Life Insurance-Linked Investment Opportunities. If you are an investment professional interested in reviewing alternative asset class investments available through Habersham, we invite you to contact us.