Right ArrowAre Your Investments Socially Responsible?

How do you define socially responsible investing? It is not a new phenomenon and dates back to the mid-1700s.

Some claim that it all began with the Quakers in the mid-1700s when they prohibited members from investing in the slave-trade. Others credit John Wesley, a founder of the Methodist Church in the same century, with his sermon titled "The Use of Money" that outlined his basic tenets of social investing. Dr. Martin Luther King reinforced these philosophies in the 1960s with his many economic development projects such as Operation Breadbasket. Socially responsible investing is not new.

How do you define socially responsible investing? Is it denying the financial support to businesses that have a negative impact on certain social causes? Or is it providing financial resources to business efforts that have a positive impact on the welfare of society? Support or deny, you have the opportunity to choose your cause.

How about those businesses that fly in the face of adversity; that challenge the status quo for social good; that seek to chip away at big business practices and conventions that have become pillars of power? Who is supporting the evolving businesses that must constantly combat attacks from the industry titans and special-interest groups that they challenge … all because these growth firms are exposing unique and important financial opportunities for consumers that the mega-powers are legally incapable or remiss in providing?

In providing liquidity and full economic value for a life insurance policy, the life settlement industry allows consumers to obtain value and liquidity for one of their most valuable assets when they need it the most; in many cases, they are also able to salvage value that they would forfeit if the policy was allowed to lapse. Whether a consumer no longer needs their life insurance coverage due to a change in life status; can no longer afford a policy’s premiums due to an unfortunate personal financial event; or requires liquidity from one of their most valuable assets for healthcare or life care assistance; the life settlement industry provides a unique and valuable alternative that mega-sized life insurance companies are legally incapable or unwilling to provide.

When reviewing investment opportunities, consider an asset class that has direct impact on providing value and liquidity for consumers such as our senior-aged and terminally ill. Consider investing in the insurance-linked asset of life settlements.

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